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Breaking Communication Barrierrs
Using AI To Turn Speech & Text Into Sing Language Automatically
Transport Sign™ Navigate With Confidence
Making PA Systems Accessible
Interpreting spoken announcements into sign language at train and airline terminals.

The Deaf community tends to occasionally be afraid to travel alone. For this reason, TransportSign makes it easy for them to feel secure in train and airline terminals and to never worry about missing important information.

Feel the confidence you deserve, every step of your journey.
Everything that you can hear on the radio is now available for the Deaf in Sign Langauge on screens on the station.
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As someone who is deaf, airports were like a maze – confusing and intimidating.Fear of missing announcements? Never again. Now, I look forward to every trip, with SignAvatar as my travel companion
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Stories of partnerships.
Victories of inclusion.
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Diversity Drives Our Design
AI Engineer and a Deaf person walk into the office...
It’s not a beginning of a joke, It’s what workday at SignAvatar feels like.
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Helpful Insights
Frequestly Asked Questions
Why don't deaf people just read?

Wait a second, Deaf people can understand what they read? Absolutely! However, deaf people often face challenges in understanding written language due to their native language being Sign Language.
**Sign languages, have their own rich structures, grammatical rules, formats, and more.

Is sign language universal?

Contrary to popular belief, sign language is not universal. Much like spoken languages, sign languages are diverse across regions and communities. Each sign language boasts its own distinct vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, mirroring the rich tapestry of culture and history within the deaf communities they serve.
For example, British Sign Language (BSL) is different than American Sign Language (ASL)!

Does SignAvatar only work in ASL (American Sign Language)?

SignAvatar is not limited to ASL alone; it possesses the capability to interpret a wide array of sign languages, including International Sign Language, Serbian Sign Language, Macedonian Sign Language, and many others.

Can the avatar be personalized to reflect and respect diverse identities and cultures?

Absolutely. Our avatars are fully customizable to reflect and honor diverse identities, cultures, and backgrounds. Also they can display a wide array of different customizations, such as attires, race, age and hairstyles.

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